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Wired High Stim Pre-workout - Pineapple Thunder

Wired High Stim Pre-workout - Pineapple Thunder

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Feeling game enough to harness the power of electricity? Wired has been methodically formulated with 18 active ingredients for those days where you want to enter the gym switched on & need something to assist a lightning-like INTENSITY. Powered with efficacious dosages of ingredients to assist pump, performance, mental focus, and of course energy, Wired is the training partner you want when it’s time to get things done!

Key features of Wired include:

  • Comprehensive energy blend with multiple stimluants to pack a huge punch!
  • Added Himalayan Pink Salt for hydration
  • Enhances nitric oxide, and reduces the breakdown of nitric oxide for bigger, longer pumps and vasodilation of blood vessels
  • Added Bioperine to improve absorption
  • Multi-facet Ingredient profile targeted towards improving mental focus and an uplifting feeling of wellbeing
  • Included B Vitamin complex to assist with natural energy production
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  • Water Friendly
  • Antibacterial Sweatband
  • Moisture Wicking Fabrics
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Breathable 

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Fits & Shapes


Agility cap for individuals with broader faces and those who prefer a deeper or altered flat bill. It’s horizontal front seam provides excellent comfort and conforms to the natural contours of the head.

DEPTH : Deep 17.5cm

CIRCUMFERENCE : 59 cm - 61.5 cm

VISOR : Wide 18cm


"Meet your trusty daily companion with a sporty twist - Agility’s best-selling style, boasting a sleek curved brim that's slightly narrower for a contemporary and dynamic appearance."

DEPTH : Medium 17.5cm

CIRCUMFERENCE : 59 cm - 61.5 cm

VISOR : Narrow 16.5cm


The Agility cap appears slightly taller, but wears a bit more shallow due to a modified point on the front panels. Taking inspiration from the trucker hats of our youth, the front panel is crafted with a partial seam that stops high on the crown, giving a touch of fashion to the classic casual trucker look.

DEPTH : Shallow 16.5cm

CIRCUMFERENCE : 59 cm - 61.5 cm

VISOR : Medium 17.5cm